March 22, 2018 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

All of us were born with genetically rooted strengths and vulnerabilities. Our essential make-up is formed before birth, and then is shaped through life experiences and learning. Along the way, it’s easy to develop Hot Buttons — triggers that set us off and pitch us into emotional reactivity.

When this happens, we feel vulnerable, reactive, or out of control.

We react like a “Jukebox Human.” In a jukebox, every time you punch J7, you get the same song. In a Jukebox Human, every time the trigger is experienced, it pitches us into the same old reactivity … over and over … every single time … just like a light switch turns on a light. And we hate it.

Are we stuck with these reactions? No.

It’s possible to learn to be stable and responsive, rather than automatically reactive. Come and learn how to tame your Hot Buttons and tone down your Reactivity.




March 25, 2018 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Each of us has a preferred way of being in the world, and we each have a strongly preferred experience of living. Many of us long for an emotional life or spiritual life that eludes us.

Without really realizing it, we are on a very personal hunt for a core state of being — the essential experience of living life — that gives real meaning to our lives. For some of us, it’s a desire to feel safe. For others, it’s a desire to belong. Some may be on a quest for the experience of feeling competent or capable, while others may be seeking peace of mind.

To have this core state of being, as an abiding quality while we live our lives, is to have golden treasure.

As we seek the experience of living that we want, it is all too easy to look in all the wrong places. One trap is to believe that the inner life we want can be created through things outside of ourselves, whether it’s through a person, job, income, possession, or position. Worst yet is when we create the experience we want through drugs, alcohol, or excessive consumption — all of which lead to addiction, broken people, and broken dreams.

Is it possible to have this elusive state of being?
Is it possible to grow it?
Is it possible to bring it with you, rather than look for it outside yourself?

The answer to all three questions is Yes.

Come and learn how.


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