The Purpose

To produce a breakthrough in life and living: to learn to live with health, vitality, and exceptional quality of life – and to sustain such a lifestyle for your entire lifetime.

Our Programs

Our health breakthrough programs serve clients across a wide range of health and disease. The programs are tailored to fit our clients’ presenting conditions and circumstances. All three of our programs run for approximately two years, or until all client goals are achieved — whichever comes first. (See the Two Years Program Overview.)

All of the programs address the problem of lifestyle-driven chronic diseases, including:

  • Heart and vascular disease, which kills 33 percent of Americans. Roughly 90 percent of premature deaths due to heart disease are preventable.
  • Cancer, which kills approximately 25 percent of Americans. Roughly 80 percent of premature deaths due to cancer are preventable.
  • Diabetes (Type 2), which affects approximately 9 percent of Americans. Virtually all Type 2 diabetes is preventable.
  • Dementias, autoimmune diseases, GI tract diseases, etc. Well over 80 percent of such conditions are preventable.
  • Diseases and effects of being in the medical system, which by best estimates includes roughly 250,000 deaths per year.
  • Lifestyle-induced disabilities such as failed joints and chronic pain.
  • Being overweight and obese.

Your Journey

Committing to a Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Program is like embarking on a challenging adventure. The purposes and benefits are serious, relating to lifespan, “healthspan,” and quality of life, and like any difficult journey it requires hard work. But the journey itself is all about exciting possibilities. It should be energizing and inspiring. It should bring hope. Deep and lasting friendships are forged, and you will find love and support in this life-enhancing journey. Being in Cruxpoint’s Health Breakthrough Program may prove to be the single most positively life-changing experience of your life.

Because of how your health, energy, and experience of living will change, by the end of two years you may not recognize the person you were when you enrolled.

For most people the Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Program will be a two-year engagement, with 12-18 months of very high-involvement characterized by breakthrough results. This intensive period will be followed by a period of about six months of solidifying the new lifestyle — of making sure that the changes are durable and that you can maintain your new life for the rest of your life.

The Cruxpoint Breakthrough Programs consist of many life-enhancing components:

  • Intensive Health Breakthrough Seminars: Information-loaded evening events and full-day seminars that (1) reframe your understanding of how to live a life of vitality, and (2) give you the means to live such a life.
  • Your team of absolutely top people in their professions: Functional Medicine Doctors, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Nutritional Therapists, Fitness Trainers, Mental Health Therapists, Physical Therapists, Breakthrough Coaches, and other experts as needed. All of them are there to help you successfully make this journey.
  • An outcome-focused approach where we — your team —contract with you to get your desired results.
  • A community of like-minded people who support each other in this journey.
  • Social media for networking, community support, education, and practical problem solving.
  • Continuous state-of-the-art research, delivered directly to you through seminar days, email, practitioners, and social media channels.

Benefits: Now For The Serious Part

What is the primary benefit that people will receive from participating in a Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Program? These are the most important paragraphs on this webpage:


Over 80 percent of Americans who do not participate in a Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Program — or do not adopt a very similar style of living — are consigning themselves to the normal, typical American lifestyle. In America, normal is sick. Normal is frail. And normal is getting worse. This means an average lifetime shortened by 10, 20, or more years, as well as a life that is compromised by decades of disease management, frailty, physical discomfort, medications, side effects, and other life-sapping conditions.


Most people think they “know” all this stuff about being healthy and unhealthy. They are wrong. They do not know. It is rare to come across anyone who has figured it out. Once they begin doing the right things, usually they —and their doctors — are surprised, even stunned by the rapid, positive results.


The benefits of participation are (1) saving your life —meaning saving years or decades of life span, (2) extending your healthspan, and (3) saving the quality of your life—meaning living with vitality, quality, and fulfillment. The benefit is a well-lived life — into your 90s or more — as a physically and mentally competent human being.


The Cost

The programs are not cheap, and yet they’re bargains. Many understandably question whether it’s “worth it” — questioning the return on an investment of “this kind of money.”

Our answer to that is simple:

Only you can decide
what your life and quality of life are worth.

Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Programs are not shallow, feel-good programs. They are comprehensive and require commitment. They are for people who have decided to take control of their health and the quality of their lives. They are for people who are willing and able to commit to building such a life.

In our interviews and intake processes, we meet people from across the whole spectrum:

  • From lost souls to people with clear and abiding purpose.
  • From clueless and uninformed to those who are working hard to learn and figure it out.
  • From those whose health and vitality are already badly compromised to those who are living well and full of life and energy.
  • From those who struggle through each day to those who are fully competent and self-responsible adults.
  • From the emotionally crippled to the mentally healthy.
  • From the cynical and fatalistic to the optimists who live with possibility.

Regardless of where people are on the spectrum, very few people know how to build a life that lasts into their 90s — or more — that is characterized by vitality, physical competency, and mental clarity. Every day we see people who are clearly on a track toward frailty, ill health, or dementia — medicating four or five conditions — and coping with all the side effects.

Some of these people are simultaneously wondering if it’s worth it to commit to a life of clear purpose, health, and vitality. Even more troubling, we meet people who are clearly on a death track — with the very real possibility of sudden death within 5-10 years — who are wondering if it’s worth it. What a clear statement about the value of one’s own life.

Come and join us and learn to live well.

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