LAST RESORT HEALTH SERVICES (LRHS): Save Your Life & Gain Quality Of Life
At the outer end of the spectrum, we are working with people to rebuild severely damaged lives. These are people who desperately need a breakthrough in their health. The theme of the Last Resort Health Services (LRHS) program is to stop the progression of disease and disability, reverse disease and disability to the extent possible, restore quality of life, and build a restorative lifestyle.

All our LRHS clients suffer from significant premature disease and disability, chronic or recurring pathogenic infections, severe insult from toxic exposure, traumatic injury, chronic pain, or a combination of the five. This includes children and young people as well as many adult Americans, since by age 50 over half of Americans are managing a significant disease or debilitating condition.

While all of our LRHS clients have been diagnosed with significant conditions and diseases and are under treatment by doctors, many also have undiagnosed disease processes that are being ignored. Most have multiple conditions and diseases, and unfortunately, have experienced devastating effects from being in the healthcare system. Some of these clients have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get well.

More than 80 percent of the diseases that our LRHS clients suffer from were preventable, and many are reversible to the point that they may no longer pose a serious threat to health and lifespan. Depending on the degree of progression and damage, many of these advanced conditions can be stopped or reversed. Some cases are very far advanced and complex. For these clients, we are truly the “Last Resort Health Services.” This means that if they don’t get well with us, they are unlikely to ever get well.

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